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D3.3 – GreenSCENT platform "Technical architecture and user guide

  • 1. Engineering Ingegneria Informatica


This document reports the top-level architecture of the GreenSCENT web platform. It describes the
main components, their interactions, and the features each one offers.
Most components are considered as black boxes, so the details of their inner architecture are not
described. However, some components are detailed further to highlight the most relevant features of
the system, such as scalability or performance.
The guidelines reported in the deliverable D3.1 (GreenSCENT platform design and integration)
which focus on the management of multimedia content related to green deal topics, laid the ground
for the architectural choice of the web platform and the definition of the web interfaces and
component/functionality interactions.
Furthermore, this document proposes a section specifically designed to guide end-users on how to
use the web application. This section describes web interfaces in terms of:
• The proposed features (filters, buttons, etc).
• How to read the data.
• The data required (mandatory/optional) to perform an action.
• Any other information useful to help the users to understand the interface.


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