Curation policy

The EU Open Research Repository serves as a repository for research outputs (data, software, posters, presentations, publications, etc) which have been funded under an EU research funding programme such as Horizon Europe, Euratom or earlier Framework Programmes.

The community is managed by CERN on behalf of the European Commission. 

Zenodo’s general policies and Terms of Use apply to all content.


The EU Open Research Repository accepts all digital research objects which is a research output stemming from one of EU’s research and innovation funding programmes. The funding programmes currently include:

  • Horizon Europe (including ERC, MSCA), earlier Framework Programmes (eg Horizon 2020) as well as Euratom.

In line with the principle as open as possible, as closed as necessary both public and restricted content is accepted. See note on how Zenodo handles restricted content.

Content submission

EU programme beneficiaries are eligible to submit content to the community. The community supports three types of content submissions:

  • Submission via an EU Project Community (through user interface or programmatic APIs).

  • Submission directly to the EU Open Research Repository.

  • Automated harvesting from existing Zenodo content.

Project community (preferred)

A representative of an EU project may request an EU Project Community and invite other project participants as members of the community. The project community is linked to one or more European Commission grants. All records in the project community are automatically integrated into the EU Open Research Repository immediately upon acceptance into the project community. 

Direct submission

Any user may submit a record directly to the EU Open Research Repository. The submission will be moderated by Zenodo staff for compliance with the minimal required metadata requirements and its correctness.

Automated harvesting

Records found among Zenodo’s existing content will on a regular basis automatically be integrated if they are found to comply with the requirements. The submissions through this method are integrated into the EU Open Research Repository with delay in a fully automated way.

Descriptive information

Minimal metadata requirements

Records in the EU Open Research Repository are required to comply with the following minimal metadata requirements:

  • Visibility: Both public and restricted (with or without embargo and/or access request)

  • Resource types: All resource types.

  • Licenses: Public and embargoed records MUST specify a license.

  • Funding information: Records MUST specify at least one grant from the European Commission.

  • Creators: Creators SHOULD be identified with a persistent identifier (e.g. ORCID, GND, …), and affiliations SHOULD be identified with a persistent identifier (e.g. ROR, ISNI, …)

  • Subjects: Records SHOULD specify one or more fields of science from the European Science Vocabulary.

Review & moderation

All submissions will undergo automated curation checks for compliance with the policy. Submissions through project communities are reviewed by the project community. Submission directly to the EU Open Research Repository is reviewed by Zenodo staff.

Community curators may at any point edit metadata of the records in the community without notice through human or automated processing. The curators may at their sole discretion remove records from the community that are deemed not to comply with the content and curation policy or which are deemed of insufficient quality.


The content and curation policy is subject to change by the community owner at any time and without notice, other than through updating this page.