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September 17, 2018 (v6) Dataset Open Access

Binary black-hole surrogate waveform catalog

Scott E. Field; Chad R. Galley; Jan S. Hesthaven; Jason Kaye; Manuel Tiglio; Jonathan Blackman; Béla Szilágyi; Mark A. Scheel; Daniel A. Hemberger; Patricia Schmidt; Rory Smith; Christian D. Ott; Michael Boyle; Lawrence E. Kidder; Harald P. Pfeiffer; Vijay Varma

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September 12, 2018 (v0.3) Software Open Access

geosapi: GeoServer REST API R Interface

Emmanuel Blondel

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September 3, 2018 (vv1.1.0+1) Software Open Access

hyperspy/hyperspy: HyperSpy 1.4

Francisco de la Peña; Tomas Ostasevicius; Vidar Tonaas Fauske; Pierre Burdet; Eric Prestat; Petras Jokubauskas; Magnus Nord; Katherine E. MacArthur; Mike Sarahan; Duncan N. Johnstone; Joshua Taillon; Alberto Eljarrat; Vadim Migunov; Jan Caron; Tom Furnival; Stefano Mazzucco; Thomas Aarholt; Michael Walls; Tom Slater; Florian Winkler; Ben Martineau; Gaël Donval; Robert McLeod; Eric R. Hoglund; Ivo Alxneit; Ida Hjorth; Trond Henninen; Luiz Fernando Zagonel; Andreas Garmannslund; 5ht2

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September 1, 2018 (v1) Report Open Access

The African Open Science Platform: The Future of Science and the Science of the Future

Participants of African Open Science Platform Strategy Workshop, March 2018; Advisory Council, African Open Science Platform Project; Technical Advisory Board, African Open Science Platform; Boulton, Geoffrey; Hodson, Simon; Serageldin, Ismail; Qhobela, Molapo; Mokhele, Khotso; Dakora, Felix; Veldsman, Susan; Wafula, Joseph

September 1, 2018 (vv2018.9.1) Software Open Access

materialsproject/pymatgen: v2018.9.1

Shyue Ping Ong; gmatteo; Michiel van Setten; Will Richards; Joseph Montoya; Xiaohui Qu; Anubhav Jain; Kiran Mathew; Geoffroy Hautier; Richard Tran; Stephen Dacek; Shyam Dwaraknath; David Waroquiers; Bharat Medasani; cedergroupclusters; Nils Zimmermann; Danny Broberg; Matthew Horton; samblau; Michael; Sai Jayaraman; Zhi Deng; Evan Spotte-Smith; Guido Petretto; Germain Salvato Vallverdu; yanikou19; Alireza Faghanina; Logan Ward; J. George; fraricci

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