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November 25, 2021 (vv0.4.11) Software Open Access


Schlottke-Lakemper, Michael; Gassner, Gregor J.; Ranocha, Hendrik; Winters, Andrew R.; Chan, Jesse

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July 2, 2018 (v2021-11-16) Dataset Open Access

Gene Ontology Data Archive

Carbon, Seth; Mungall, Chris

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October 1, 2020 (vv4.12.5) Software Open Access

Transformers: State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing

Wolf, Thomas; Debut, Lysandre; Sanh, Victor; Chaumond, Julien; Delangue, Clement; Moi, Anthony; Cistac, Perric; Ma, Clara; Jernite, Yacine; Plu, Julien; Xu, Canwen; Le Scao, Teven; Gugger, Sylvain; Drame, Mariama; Lhoest, Quentin; Rush, Alexander M.

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November 17, 2021 (v1.0.3) Dataset Open Access

Pre-processed data of atlas in EUCP-WP2

Liu, Yang; Kalverla, Peter; Alidoost, Fakhereh; Verhoeven, Stefan; Vreede, Barbara; Booth, Ben; Coppola, Erika; Nogherotto, Rita; Brunner, Lukas; Harris, Glen; Qasmi, Said; Ballinger, Andrew; Hegerl, Gabriele; McSweeney, Carol; O'Reilly, Christopher; Palmer, Tamzin; Ribes, Aurélien; de Vries, Hylke

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November 16, 2021 (vv1.0) Dataset Open Access

NAH rectangular plate dataset (Nearfield Acoustic Holography)

Olivieri, Marco; Pezzoli, Mirco; Antonacci, Fabio; Sarti, Augusto


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