Submit your research


  • Any discipline.
  • Any research output (data, software, posters, presentations, deliverables, ...).
  • For articles please consider using Open Research Europe (see below).
  • Research outputs must have been (co-)funded by Horizon Europe (including ERC and MCSA), as well as earlier Framework Programmes and Euratom.


Open science

Share and preserve any research output from your EU-funded projects.


EU Open Research Repository ensures compliance with the Horizon Europe grant agreement which requires beneficiaries to deposit their research data in a trusted repository.


You get a higher quota of 200GB for your uploads.


Option 1: Submit through your project (preferred)

Your EU-funded project may already have a community setup on Zenodo which collects all outputs from your project.

Option 2: Submit directly

For when your EU-funded project does not have a community on Zenodo.

Which is the right data repository?

Before submitting research data please consider using discipline-specific repositories when available. Discipline-specific repositories may provide tailored services and curation for your domain. See a list of repositories for specific data types or search for one on

Which EU platform should I use?

Open Research Europe (ORE)

Open Research Europe (ORE) is an open access publishing venue for European Commission-funded researchers across all disciplines, with no author fees.

  • ORE helps you publish your articles.
  • Articles on ORE are peer-reviewed.


EU Open Research Repository

EU Open Research Repository is a repository for European Commission-funded research across all disciplines.

  • EU Open Research Repository helps you publish any research output (data, software, deliverables, posters, presentations, ...).
  • EU Open Research Repository is curated (but not peer-reviewed).