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Open repository for EU-funded research (Pilot)

Research outputs from Horizon Europe, Euratom and earlier Framework Programmes




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  • June 25, 2024 (v0.7.4)

    GeophysicalModelGenerator v0.7.4 Diff since v0.7.3 Merged pull requests: Adds volcano topography with corresponding temperature field (#121) (@albert-de-montserrat) Fix the download of topographyic data with GMT (#122) (@albert-de-montserrat) Fix table rendering (#123) (@albert-de-montserrat) Delete volcano.jl (#124)...

    Uploaded on June 25, 2024

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How it works

Submit your research

  • Eligibility — Any research output (data, software, posters, presentation, deliverables, ...) stemming from Horizon Europe (including ERC and MCSA), as well as earlier Framework Programmes and Euratom across all subject areas.
  • Curation — All submissions are curated. Submissions are NOT peer- reviewed (for papers please consider to publish through Open Research Europe platform).
  • Compliance — the EU Open Research Repository makes it easy to comply with the related open science requirements of the Horizon Europe grant agreement.
  • Zenodo — EU Open Research Repository is community inside Zenodo which is managed and hosted by CERN.

Get an EU project community

  • Manage your project's research outputs — An EU project community provides you with a common space to manage research outputs from your project and from all your partners.
  • Eligibility — Any EU-funded project stemming from Horizon Europe and/or Euratom can get a project community. Request must be made by a beneficiary of a grant.
  • Members — Allows you to manage members from across all the project's partners and determine who can submit, who can review and who can manage.
  • 200GB — EU project communities gets a quota per record of 200GB instead of the normal 50GB.


  • Pilot — EU Open Research Repository is in a pilot phase and expected to be fully operational in autumn 2024.
  • European Commission & CERN — the EU Open Research Community is managed by CERN on behalf of the European Commission.
  • Become an early adopter — do you manage an EU project and want to help test the new features of the repository? Reach out to us.
  • Upcoming — We're working on integrating automated basic curation checks and FAIR assistance directly into the submission workflow. Subscribe to the Zenodo newsletter to learn about the new features as soon as they are out.
  • Funded by — the work is funded by the European Union under grant agreement no. 101122956 (HORIZON-ZEN).