A repository for your EU project

EU Project Community

Do you manage research outputs for an EU-funded project? An EU Project Community is an easy goto solution for providing a space where all partners can easily share and preserve your project's research outputs (data, software, deliverables, presentations, ...).

Trusted repository

Share and preserve all the research outputs from your EU-funded project in a single trusted repository.

200GB per record upload limit instead of the default 50GB limit.

Collaborate and share

All project partners can easily join as members of the community and login with their institutional accounts.

Easily manage submission, curation and management rights to members.


Ensure compliance with the related open science requirements in the Horizon Europe grant agreement.

Manage your research data in line with the FAIR principles.


All submissions are immediately indexed into the EU Open Research Repository.

Integrated with OpenAIRE to facilitate reporting in the EC Participant Portal.


Gain visibility and impact for your project by grouping all your outputs and making them easy to find and cite.

Measure usage statistics (views/downloads) of your records as well as citations.

Easy & powerful

An intuitive and simple user interface makes it easy for researchers to submit.

Powerful features under the hood such as versioning and domain-specific metadata.

Join waiting list

Want to become an early adopter?

EU Open Research Repository is in a pilot phase until autumn 2024, and we are onboarding new projects throughout the entire pilot phase.

Simply join our waiting list to set up an EU Project Community during the pilot phase. We will onboard your project as soon as possible.

As an early adopter you will:

  • Be involved in the design process and provide feedback on concepts developed.
  • For some early adopters we'll be extending Zenodo to support domain-specificity of the project's domain.
  • Participation is voluntary, but will help shape Zenodo in a direction that supports your projects better.

Please send an email to support@zenodo.org with the following information:

  • Project acronym and number - e.g. HORIZON-ZEN (#1234)
  • Existing community? - if you have one, a link to your existing Zenodo-community.
  • Organisation - name of your organisation (must be a partner in the project).
  • Role - your role within the project (e.g. project manager, task leader, member).

IMPORTANT: Please use your institutional email address to make the request.