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CAPABLE D9.3: Dissemination Activities Report – Part 2

  • 1. Poznan University of Technology
  • 2. University of Pavia
  • 3. ROR icon IBM Research - Haifa
  • 4. ROR icon Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri


In this document, we report communication and dissemination (C&D) activities conducted in Work Package 9 (WP9) of the CAPABLE project and completed in months M25—M49. However, for simplicity later in the text we refer to years 3 and 4 (Y3 and Y4, respectively).
Section 3 briefly describes WP9, its tasks and deliverables. In Section 4 we present detailed information on completed C&D activities (they are summarized below). Finally, in Section 5 we provide a summary and outline future C&D activities after finishing the project.
In Y3 and Y4 the following C&D actions were completed:
  • Project posters, visuals, and leaflets were released and used during clinical studies and other events to advertise the project and convey relevant information.
  • Physical gadgets with the project branding were released and distributed during multiple events, especially those focused on patients and clinicians.
  • The artist-in-residence initiative was continued, the video presenting the PhysicAI Garden artwork was released to public. Moreover, the artwork was finalized and demonstrated at multiple events, including art shows and meetings with stakeholders.
  • The website and social media profiles were being maintained and updated. Moreover, an intense dissemination campaign on Instagram and Facebook targeted at various audiences was prepared and run. CAPABLE was also disseminated using websites and social channels of selected partners (AIMAC).
  • 7 non-scientific media releases were prepared and published. Some of them appeared in multiple outlets (e.g., in different languages) thus increasing their reception range.
  • 6 journal papers were published, and 3 other papers were submitted for publication. Moreover, one book chapter was accepted and now it is in press.
  • 10 papers were published in peer reviewed materials of international conferences and workshops. Moreover, 5 posters with corresponding peer-reviewed abstracts were presented at international conferences.
  • 42 presentations were given by the CAPABLE partners at scientific, professional and other events. The most frequently targeted audience was the academic community, then professionals, healthcare, and industry. There were also 2 presentations aimed at the general public.
  • 10 events were organized by the CAPABLE partners. These events were aimed at diversified stakeholders and include among others: the final CAPABLE event and the CAPABLE international scientific workshop.
  • Personal contacts with relevant stakeholders (e.g., med-tech, health IT services) were continued. CAPABLE partners also participated in 9 professional events with various audiences (e.g., investors, entrepreneurs, or innovators).
  • Various actions related to teaching and mentoring were performed. CAPABLE partners gave 10 lectures to the educational community (high school, university). Moreover, multiple theses and dissertations related to the project were supervised by represent atives of selected partners – some of them will continue after the end of the project.


This deliverable is a part of a project receiving funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 875052



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