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Virtual ERIGrid Final Conference

Strasser, Thomas I.; Babazadeh, Davood; Heussen, Kai; Pelegrino, Luigi; Arnold, Gunter; Nguyen, Van Hoa; Palensky, Peter; Kotsampopoulos, Panos; Kontou, Alkistis; Hatziargyriou, Nikos; Narayan, Anand; Rodríguez, J. Emilio; Ulasenka, Alena; Villa, Luiz F. L.; Papadimitriou, Christina; Vogel, Steffen; Rajkumar, Vetrivel S.; Nguyen, Ha Thi; Stevic, Marija; Bhandia, Rishabh; Monti, Antonello; Sirviö, Katja; Roggo, Dominique; M'Rabet, Dilan Ben

Coming to an end in April 2020, the ERIGrid project organised its Virtual Final Conference dedicated to presenting the outcomes of the 5 years of work towards the integrated research infrastructure for smart grid systems. The project consortium presented the ERIGrid holistic testing approach for validating cyber-physical energy systems and other outstanding achievements on April 1, 2020. ERIGrid’s free access to Europe’s leading laboratories (Transnational Access) has also been covered, i.e., successful users presented their energy efficient solutions that they tested at the labs of ERIGrid partners. 

The following presentations have been provided: 

Session “ERIGrid Achievements“

  • Welcome and ERIGrid Overview
  • System-level Testing Approach
  • Laboratory Coupling Approach
  • Laboratory and Hardware-in-the-Loop based Assessment Methods
  • Simulation-based Assessment Methods
  • Education and Training Methods and Tools
  • Outlook ERIGrid 2.0

Session “Facilitating Effective Laboratory Testing by Lab Users”

  • Overview of Achievements of the ERIGrid Transnational Access Programme
  • Application of OLTC Transformer and Distributed Generation for Voltage Control on Low Voltage Distribution Networks
  • Datalogging, Power Converters and Machine Learning: How ERIGRID has kick started my research on planned perennity in microgrids
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Modelling, Simulation and Closed-Loop Testing of a distribution integrated PV Plant
  • VILLAS4ERIGrid: Geographically Distributed Real-time Simulation and PHIL between TU Delft, DTU Risø, Lyngby and RWTH Aachen
  • Extensive Impacts of SunHILL
  • Impact of Time variant Grid Impedance on Power Line Communication System
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