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DIAMAS project update - surveys, sustainability and standards in institutional publishing

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Presentation slides for the webinar held by DIAMAS and Jisc on 26 June 2024 entitled 'DIAMAS project update - surveys, sustainability and standards in institutional publishing'. The webinar was aimed at UK and Irish open access publisher, journal editors, other staff within IPSP parent organisations.

The first presentation offered a brief overview of the key findings from the 2023 survey on Diamond OA publishing. The survey's aim was to map the current landscape of IPSPs in the European Research Area (ERA).

The second presentation offered an overview of the Sustainability Research Report. This report has one main objective: to investigate what financial sustainability means for institutional publishing in Europe and the workforce involved in it. To fulfil these objectives, DIAMAS undertook a range of research methods to gain a more thorough understanding of the complex landscape of institutional publishing and its different forms of sustainability. The analysis draws on four types of data: a literature review of economic and financial aspects of institutional publishing, two quantitative surveys (the DIAMAS survey and a follow-up survey focusing on funding practices), 6 focus groups with national-based IPSPs, and 15 interviews with a range of diverse institutional publishing representatives.

The third presentation focused on the Diamond OA Standard (DOAS), one of the main outputs of the DIAMAS project. DOAS sets out standards for institutional publishing (IP) of scholarly journals in the broadest sense, with a special focus on those publishing models that do not charge fees to authors or readers. 


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Project deliverable: 10.5281/zenodo.10907086 (DOI)
Project deliverable: 10.58121/Z15S-JY03 (DOI)
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