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Communication with Exterior Lighting through High Definition Front & Rear Signalling functions


Current trends toward digitalization of exterior lighting and development of L4 - L5 autonomous vehicles emphasises the need and added value of pixelated signalling and lighting systems that are able to communicate. The possibility of displaying symbols and text on the car outer surface answers new usages. It brings signalling to a higher level of interaction and gives a new dimension for stylists to explore. Display for automotive exterior lighting is a new field of application of display technologies coming from consumer electronics and it brings new technical challenges to ensure that key parameters such as contrast, brightness and reliability are fitting with the exterior lighting environment. Beside contrast and reliability, style and regulation should be taken into account to achieve a regulatory, consistent and harmonious association with existing signalling and lighting functions. Do displays have to be merged with existing signalling functions? How can it be possible and what changes does it imply in terms of styling and performances? In this paper, we will present how display integration brings different challenges for rear and front lighting systems and how best in class and innovative technologies can be provided to solve these challenges. 



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