Published May 14, 2024 | Version v5
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Roadmap Safe and Sustainable Advanced and Innovative Materials 2024-2030

  • 1. ROR icon National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • 2. TEMAS Solutions GmbH, Hausen, Switzerland
  • 3. ROR icon Seven Past Nine
  • 4. BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN), Austria
  • 5. East European Research and Innovation Enterprise Ltd, Bulgaria
  • 6. Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria
  • 7. AcumenIST SRL, Brussels, Belgium
  • 8. ROR icon Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • 9. Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Solna, Sweden
  • 10. School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK


Why do we need Safe and Sustainable Design of innovative advanced materials? The current situation serves as a compelling reason to prioritize activities in accordance with the needs outlined in this roadmap, with the aim of averting a future where we are constantly playing catch-up due to past ignorance. Instead, we should strive to achieve a successful transformation towards a safe and sustainable,toxic-free world.

(Version 2 includes the project acknowledgements and minor revisions)

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(Version 4 contains minor revisions in the text)

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BreadCell – Upgrading of cellulose fibers into porous materials 964430
European Commission
DIAGONAL – Development and scaled Implementation of sAfe by design tools and Guidelines for multicOmponent aNd hArn nanomateriaLs 953152
European Commission
DeDNAed – Cluster decorated recognition elements on DNA origami for enhanced raman spectroscopic detection methods 964248
European Commission
HARMLESS – Advanced High Aspect Ratio and Multicomponent materials: towards comprehensive intelLigent tEsting and Safe by design Strategies 953183
European Commission
NanoHarmony – Towards harmonised test methods for nanomaterials 885931
European Commission
NanoPAT - Process Analytical Technologies for Industrial Nanoparticle Production 862583
European Commission
SABYDOMA – Safety BY Design Of nanoMaterials - From Lab Manufacture to Governance and Communication: Progressing Up the TRL Ladder 862296
European Commission
SbD4Nano – Computing infrastructure for the definition, performance testing and implementation of safe-by-design approaches in nanotechnology supply chains 862195
European Commission
SUNSHINE – Safe and sUstainable by desigN Strategies for HIgh performance multi-component NanomatErials 952924
European Commission
ACCORDs – Green deal inspired correlative imaging-based characterization for safety profiling of 2D materials 101092796
European Commission
IRISS – The InteRnatIonal ecosystem for accelerating the transition to Safe-and-Sustainable-by-design materials, products and processes 101058245
European Commission
MACRAME – Advanced Characterisation Methodologies to assess and predict the Health and Environmental Risks of Advanced Materials 101092686
European Commission
PINK – Provision of Integrated Computational Approaches for Addressing New Markets Goals for the Introduction of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design Chemicals and Materials 101137809
European Commission
POTENTIAL – Platform Optimisation To Enable NanomaTerIAL safety assessment for rapid commercialisation 101092901
European Commission
SUNRISE – Safe and sUstainable by desigN: integRated approaches for Impact aSsessment of advanced matErials 101137324
European Commission
SmartCERIALS - Smart CERIum dioxide-based nanocomposites for AntimicrobiaL Surface applications 890610
Austrian Research Promotion Agency
NanoSyn4 - Nano-Community in Austria – Synergien durch (inter)nationale Kooperation BMK 2023-0.194.696
Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology