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The dynamics of funding Diamond OA: Opportunities and Challenges. Learnings from the DIAMAS Project and other studies


In the rapidly evolving landscape of scholarly publishing, the financial sustainability of Diamond Open Access (OA) journals has become a critical concern for European small- and mid-size publishers and their service providers. This topic holds a central position in the priorities of the DIAMAS Project. The upcoming webinar, organised by SPARC Europe, is designed to provide an insightful overview of the multifaceted aspects of financial sustainability within institutional Diamond OA publishing. Drawing on the results of extensive research amongst hundreds of institutional publishers and service providers through surveys, interviews and focus groups, the audience will be presented with the new DIAMAS findings on financial sustainability. 

Our aim is to shed light on key sustainability considerations and challenges faced by publishers and their service providers. Participants will also gain valuable insights into the diverse funding mechanisms publishers have implemented and their feasibility, emphasising the indispensable role of the workforce in sustaining Diamond OA publishing. We will also examine the impact of infrastructure and shared services on the viability and continuity of publication services. Leading experts from the DIAMAS Project, along with insights from three additional studies on the same subject, will be presented, allowing for a comprehensive comparison of findings. This compare and contrast exercise aims to develop a deeper understanding of the path towards a more equitable and sustainable future for Diamond Open Access publishing. The panel looks forward to discussing this further with the audience. 


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