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D3.1 - GreenSCENT platform design and integration

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This document presents the D3.1 - GreenSCENT platform design and integration by introducing the theoretical
framework of the Sustainable Interaction Design, its historical roots, its current methods and research
perspectives and, in particular, the designing for low resource scenarios approach developed in the
GreenSCENT project. This deliverable describes the interaction and interface design activity developed within
Task 3.1 - Design concept and interaction design of the GreenScent Identity, including the description of the
iterative, participatory and incremental design methodology implemented in the task and all the design cycles,
regarded as internal to the design team as well as with the involvement of end users.

At the core of the deliverable there is the EXPLOR design concept that integrates the many perspectives of
GreenSCENT into an educational service and interaction design activity. EXPLOR suggests a unique journey
that integrates multiple users' perspectives, including the teachers, the students, the researchers, into a
sustainability education GreenSCENT scenario. The EXPLOR concept allows the reader to also put in relation
the different technologies of the GreenSCENT ecosystem, the way of interacting with these systems and the
possible adoption in sustainability education, meaning the GreenVERSE, the GreenSCENT mobile app, the
GreenSCENT AR Mobile App and the GreenSCENT CleanAir App.


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