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D5.4 - Description of initial cases results and initial validation – early feedback

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The deliverable provides an overview of the work progress of the eleven initial cases - demonstrators. It is the result of the task T5.4 (Development and initial validation of cases) in Workpackage 5, aiming to ensure that the cases activities go through the stages of development, testing and initial validation and to provide a feedback to the other WPs. The deliverable includes the descriptions of the early prototypes developed in the cases and the initial results achieved up to M18 of the project. The objective is to provide an early feedback on the developments in the initial cases.
Based on the detailed specifications of the eleven initial demonstrators, as documented in the deliverable D5.2. Specification of initial cases, the cases are working on the achievement of the specific objectives concerning development, selection/adaptation and usage of ontologies in diverse industrial sectors and on diverse topics. The progress in each case has been monitored using the socalled monitoring reports, providing information on the current state of the development/usage of the ontologies, methods and tools, as well as through individual meetings with the demonstrators dedicated to the implementation of the cases. The representatives of OntoCommons technical workpackages have been taking part in the meetings, aiming support the implementation. The descriptions of the cases, included in this deliverable, aim to provide the journey towards
achieving the planned results, such as the selection/creation of the ontologies and tools used and how the use of the mentioned ontologies/tools have improved the work of the organisation(s) involved in the demonstrator. The description of each demonstrator includes a description of the early prototype scenario implementation, report on the ontologies used, further extended or developed from scratch, tools used / integration with legacy systems, overview of the implementation steps and their current status, assessment of the KPIs based on the Early Prototype, assessment of the fulfilment status of the requirements on the demonstrator, assessment of the improvements in fulfilment of the FAIR criteria, assessment of TRL evolved during the early prototype implementation, as well as the descriptions of the lessons learned.
The deliverable includes the conclusions based on the analysis of the eleven cases and a brief outline of our future work.



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