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D5.3 - Selection and specification of further cases

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OntoCommons project aims to provide an ecosystem of reference Top- Middle- and Domain ontologies and their alignments, as well as best practices and guidelines for ontology and tool development. The demonstrators are a cornerstone of these activities as they on one hand provide the requirements from an industrial perspective, on the other hand demonstrate the impact of the provided solutions.
The project began in 2020 with an initial set of 11 demonstrators and the first stage of the work has been completed with them. In the last quarter of 2021, we launched a campaign to acquire additional demonstrators to improve the variety of our industrial stakeholders in order to increase the quality of requirement collection and the impact of the results. This deliverable summarizes the results of the new demonstrator acquisition, which resulted in 11 new demonstrators. The demonstrators are described briefly with their key information extracted from the surveys and interview conducted with them. We also give an overall analysis of the demonstrator acquisition process, which shows the we fulfilled the criteria regarding the characteristics of the new demonstrators set by the project goals and expected impacts.


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