Published December 28, 2022 | Version v1
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Co-designing sustainability: the case of via Acquicella Porto in Catania

  • 1. Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Catania


As it is known the dimensions of sustainability are multiple and concern several disciplines: architectural, environmental, technological, economic and social. Choosing to give preference to certain aspects would not determine a complete vision of the topic. Therefore, the proposed document describes a choral experience: the e-SAFE project financed by Horizon 2020 funds, based on a codesign process and aimed at architectural, energy and seismic redevelopment of a residential building located in Catania, within an area of considerable social vulnerability. In specific terms, it encourages cooperation and participation actions between all the stakeholders involved (designers, inhabitants, construction companies, associations). This approach refers to two related but several reasons: the first one regards the idea that the design of a construction, a neighbourhood or a city is aimed at human dwelling and consequently the relationships between people; the second one, the participatory actions induce to the dialogue between stakeholders on topics of common interest, stimulate debate and develop mutual learning. The process has shown critical aspects but also the actual implications among the inhabitants who have been able to participate in the design of every aspect of the redevelopment of the building where they themselves live in.


2030 dC. Proiezioni future_S. D'Urso, G. Margani, G. M. Nicolosi, V. Pavone, L. Saija, C. Tardo.pdf

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