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PASSENGER D4.2 - Report on preliminary LCA and MFA-R1


This document contains the main results from several tasks of the WP4 of PASSENGER project so far. The document reports about the preliminary Life Cycle Assessment and Material Flow analysis-R1. The purpose of the current report is to present a preliminary assessment of the Life Cycle Assessment based on basic data of the processes that are being developed inside PASSENGER project. D4.2 is the second deliverable of WP4 and the first that include a preliminary Life Cycle Assessment. The scope of D4.2 is to perform several preliminary LCAs in order to incorporate the environmental results in the technologies and products. In the context of D4.2 will be presented the first preliminary studies regarding the Life Cycle Assessment that was conducted on the PASSENGER

The Life Cycle Assessment has been performed following the ISO 14040 standards. The goal and scope of the analysis was defined in the context of D4.2 Report on preliminary Life Cycle Assessment and Material Flow analysis-R1. The Life Cycle Inventory was created by asking partners regarding the mass, energy balances or their technologies and processes. Common aspects regarding the general framework of the PASSENGER and (where relevant) the reference system, with a value chain defined.

In a nutshell, deliverable D4.2 defines the scope for each preliminary study on Life Cycle Assessment. In order to conduct the preliminary studies on LCA appropriate excel files were prepared for data collection stage and Life Cycle Inventory completion.


This deliverable is currently under review by the European Commission.


D4.2_PASSENGER_Report on preliminary LCA and Material Flow analysis.pdf

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