Published March 7, 2023 | Version v3
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Verification-Preserving Inlining in Automatic Separation Logic Verifiers -- Artifact


This is the artifact for the OOPSLA 2023 paper "Verification-Preserving Inlining in Automatic Separation Logic Verifiers".

For the artifact evaluation, an Ubuntu 20.04 VirtualBox virtual machine with all required dependencies was submitted. We used 8 GB of RAM (using less RAM can lead to problems when checking proofs with Isabelle) and 2 processors for the virtual machine and VirtualBox version 6.1. The username is “inlining” and the password is “test”.

The README for the virtual machine is provided as a pdf (0_readme_artifact_inlining.pdf).

Moreover, there is a pdf (dual_inlining_result_proof.pdf) that contains the proof of a dual result that is mentioned in the paper: successful verification of the inlined program ensures that there are method and loop annotations that enable the verification of the original program for bounded executions. This dual result was not part of the artifact evaluation.



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Formal Foundations of Translational Program Verifiers 200021_197065
Swiss National Science Foundation