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IEA Wind Task 52 Lunch Seminar Series (February 2023)


This is the material presented during the (first) IEA Wind Task 52 Lunch Seminar Series, which was held online on between 13-16 February 2023 (all days 13-14 CET).

The seminars were opened with an introduction by the Operating Agent, see 20230215_IEA-Wind-Task52_lunch-seminar-INTRO_GotJul (1), followed by these presentations:

Day 1 -- focus on Lidar-Assisted Control (LAC), organized by David Schlipf (20230213_LAC_WG)

  • Feng Guo on "Improved modeling of lidar wind preview for wind turbine control" Feng_Guo_LunchSeminar_v2n
  • Axel Schild on "Lidar-assisted model predictive turbine control" Schild_Challenges_on_the_way_to_indstrial_reality

Day 2 -- focus on Complex Terrain, organized by Alexander Stoekl

  • Andrew Hastings Black on "Point and lidar wind field reconstruction sensitivities in complex flow" IEATask52_LunchWebinarSeries_ComplexFlowWFR_AndrewBlack_14FEB2023
  • Johannes Becker on "Scanning LiDAR in Complex Terrain for Wind Ressource Assessment" GEO-NET_IEA-Task52-Lunch-Session_EWINO-Approach-Scanning-LiDAR-in-WRA_20230214

Day 3 -- focus on Scanning Lidar Offshore, organized by Andrew Oldroyd

  • Yuko Ueda on "Validation of near-shore wind measurements using a dual scanning LiDAR" 230215_task52_lunch_seminar_ueda
  • Paula Gómez, Elliot Simon, Mike Courtney on "Guidelines for the usage of scanning lidars for power curve verification" 20230215_IEA52_webinar

Day 4 -- focus on Floating Lidar, organized by Julia Gottschall

  • Introductory presentation "Floating lidar within the IEA Wind 'Lidar' Task so far ..." 20230216_IEA-Wind-Task52_Lunch-seminar_GotJul
  • Peter Clive on "Floating lidar standards and guidance, an update centred around the upcoming technical specification IEC 61400-50-4" FLS Standard - update - 2023-02-16

Please note that each document or presentation may have its own license. If in doubt about reusing or citing any of the material presented here, please contact the authors.



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