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Links from preprints to published papers in preprint metadata

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Presentation at ISSI 2021 ( (prerecorded)

Preprints have become an important part of the scholarly communication ecosystem. To be able to connect preprints to subsequent journal publications, and thereby have access to the full record of versions of a publication, the existence of reliable links between preprints and subsequent publications, available in an open infrastructure, is important. This paper reports on research in progress investigating, for a subset of COVID19-related preprints, authoritative links between preprints and published papers in Crossref metadata and on preprint servers themselves. It is shown that the coverage of links from preprints to published papers in Crossref metadata is often incomplete compared to links found on preprint servers themselves, underlining the potential for improvement in the update of metadata.

Recording of the presentation on YouTube:
Conference proceeding paper: 10.5281/zenodo.5090061 (Zenodo, archived version), (conference website)
Code and data: 10.5281/zenodo.5011453 (Zenodo, archived version), GitHub (current version)


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