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Reproducibility Service for Executable Research Compendia: Technical Specifications and Reference Implementation

Nüst, Daniel

Hosting institution(s)
Opening Reproducible Research
Project leader(s)
Kray, Christian; Pebesma, Edzer; Lorenz, Jörg
Project manager(s)
Konkol, Marcus; Niers, Tom; Przibytzin, Holger
Project member(s)
Schutzeichel, Marc; Chaudhary, Rehan; Garzon, Juan Sebastian; Hinz, Matthias; Jakuschona, Nick; Koppe, Jan; Kraft, Torben; Kühnel, Timm; Lohoff, Lukas; Suleiman, Jan; Qamaz, Yousef

This project contains the source code and documentation of a webservice and user interface for creation and inspection of Executable Research Compendia (ERC). This software is a reference implementation developed by the team of the project Opening Reproducible Research (o2r) at the University of Münster, Germany. This work preserves data currently available online on GitHub ( and described at beyond the project duration.

Besides PDFs of specifications and documentation and the full source code of all projects' code repositories (including history), this record includes container images of all required software to allow a reproduction of the environment described in a forthcoming scientific article.

To run the reference implementation, please follow the instructions in the file

File listing and description:

  • erc-spec.pdf: Executable Research Compendium specification, see online at
  • Makefile: main control file for packaging and reproduction
  • o2r-architecture.pdf: Opening Reproducible Research System Architecture documentation, see online at
  • and source code repositories for ERC specification, API documentation, architecture documentation, ERC examples, and all software, see online at
  • configuration files and scripts for creation of this package and reproduction
  • o2r-reference-implementation-images.tar.gz: tarball of the Docker images of all tools and microservices used by the reference implementation
  • o2r-web-api.pdf: Opening Reproducible Research API specification, see online at
  • Reproduction instructions specific to Windows users
  • Reproduction instructions and description of the creation process for this package
  • versions.txt: Version numbers and version control hashes for all projects

o2r is funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) under project numbers PE 1632/10-1, KR 3930/3-1, TR 864/6-1, PE 1632/17-1, KR 3930/8-1, and TR 864/12-1.


This record contains multiple software projects as source code and container images. See respective LICENSE files for specific licensing conditions.
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