Journal of Academic Research for Humanities

Journal of Academic Research for Humanities

BWO Research International ,
15162394 Canada Inc.

JARH, ISSN 2663-192X, is a triple-blind peer-reviewed online Research Journal for Humanities.

JARH welcomes original and hitherto academic research articles, reviews, and reports in the area of social sciences and humanities (multidisciplinary).


JARH is administratively under the parent organization, "BWO-Researches Intl. Pakistan," and has been working since 2020 in the areas of research and development. The journal aims to provide a platform to publish original, academic, quality-based and observing publication ethics manuscripts from all over the globe by academicians, scholars, students and academic managements.

JARH provides two types of publications, i.e. Articles and reviews and reports in Humanities. Academic Research Articles 3/4th part and Book Reviews/International Conference/Seminars/Webinars Proceedings/Abstracts and Periodical Reports in the areas of humanities are published as 1/4th part of an edition.

JARH accepts manuscripts in two languages, i.e. Urdu and English, in APA referencing style. Please feel free to submit your academic manuscripts at and contact us for guidance at

Directions for Writing & Editing:

Page size is A4 paper
The word limit is 4000-6000 words.
While composing the manuscript, please follow;
(i) For matter, font size: (English: 12, Arabic/Urdu: 12)
(ii) For title of manuscript, font size: (English: 16, Arabic/Urdu: 16-BOLD)
(iii) For main-heading, font size: (English: 14, Arabic/Urdu: 14);
(iv) For sub-headings, font size:( English: 12, Arabic/Urdu: 12-BOLD);
(v) For font style:( English: Times New Roman, Arabic/Urdu: Jameel Noori Nastaleeq);

The Manuscripts may contain the following headings:

Research Article:

Must be in the English language. (Maximum 250 words)
Must be a minimum of 5
The introduction must include objective, methodology, distinctive characteristics of the research work, and conclusion.
Literature Review/Data Collection:
Detailed and comprehensive literature closely concerned with the topic of the research
In this part of the article, the author presents his views and research in detail.
The conclusion should be presented in a logical sequence.
References should be made according to the following guidelines:
(i) In-text citation (authors’ name, year of publication, page number)
(ii) References at endnotes
(iii) While giving references, APA 6th edition Style should be adopted.
(v) Quranic or Semitic Religious Books’ verses are presented in Arabic script.
(vi) Reference style Al-Quran 2:184

Book Reviews:

Must be in the English language. (Maximum 250 words)
Must be a minimum of 5
The introduction must include objective, methodology, distinctive characteristics of the reviewed work, and conclusion.
Review of the Book:
Standard as given by APA
word limit is 2000–2500


Conference Proceedings/Reports:

Must be in the English language. (Maximum 500 words)
Must be a minimum of 10
Themes (for the conference):
Word limit is 8000-10000

Copyright Notice

The authors sign an agreement allowing the journal to reserve the right to circulate the article and all other derivative works, such as translations. The contents of the paper are copyrighted by the author(s).

2018@ All Rights are Reserved by BWO (R) Pakistan  [Collobaraion with BEC-AU]

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Publishing Calendar: 

  1. Presently, JARH is publishing One edition annually but later we will follow as under;
  2. Call for Papers - 1st Edition (January 1st to April 30th), 2nd Edition (July 1st to Oct. 30th)
  3. Expert Peer Review within 2 months after submission
  4. Notification of acceptance/revision/rejection within 2-1/2 months after submission
  5. Meeting of Editorial Board in May & November each year
  6. Copy of manuscripts to Publishing Editor by 1st week of June & December
  7. Publication of Online and print Editions by June 30th & December 31st.



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