Journal of Academic Research for Humanities

Journal of Academic Research for Humanities

BWO Research International ,
15162394 Canada Inc.

Publishing Calendar: 

  1. Presently, JARH is publishing One edition annually but later we will follow as follows:
  2. Call for Papers: 1st Edition (January 1st to April 30th), 2nd Edition (July 1st to Oct. 30th)
  3. Expert Peer Review within 2 months after submission
  4. Notification of acceptance/revision/rejection within 2–2 months after submission
  5. The Editorial Board meets in May & November each year
  6. Copy of manuscripts to Publishing Editor by 1st week of June & December
  7. Publication of Online and print Editions by June 30th & December 31st.


Fees & Sponsorships / Source(s) of funding: 

BWO is a non-profit society so there are nominal costs.
First stage        =          submission of manuscript        = Free of Cost
Second Stage =          Desk review process               = Free of Cost
Third Stage      =          Management of OJS site         = Free of Cost
Fourth Stage    =          National 1 Review Process     = Cost of Reviewers’ fee (1)
Fifth Stage      =          Communication services         = Free of Cost
Sixth Stage      =          International 2 Reviews          = Cost of Reviewers’ fee (2)
Seventh Stage: =          Guidance for Quality Work    = Free of Cost
Eighth Stage    =          Editing and Proofreading       = Nominal Cost (3)
Ninth Stage     =          Archiving & Management      = Nominal Cost (4)
Tenth Stage     =          Online availability of Articles = Free of Cost
Eleventh Stage: Forever Services of Indexing  = Free of Cost

Our prestigious Section Editors, Editorial Board Members and International/National Advisory Board Members are donating their services VOLUNTARILY. (We heartily regards all these dignitaries). JARH presents “Certificates of Appreciation” on these responsibilities.

JARH offers a full waiver of publication fee to the authors, who are Full Professor in a university or research institution outside Pakistan and Australia. 


Editorial Ethics:

JARH follows Ethical Guidelines for Journal given by HEC Islamabad, which is as follows:


Plagiarism Policy

JARH follows the plagiarism policy of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan. Manuscripts are to be original and must not be plagiarized. Each submission is checked for plagiarism by Turnitin. If Similarity is above 19%, it is sent back to be revised accordingly. If, in any case, it comes to light after publication, that manuscript will be immediately removed from the website, and the authors will be stamped barred. 


Open Access Policy

JARH, an OAJ (Open Access Journal), allows humanity to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the part or full texts published immediately on the JARH site with reference for legitimate purpose under license “NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International” and fulfil the requirement of DOAJ.