Co-UDlabs. Building Collaborative Urban Drainage research lab communities.

Co-UDlabs. Building Collaborative Urban Drainage research lab communities.

Co-UDlabs (Building Collaborative Urban Drainage research lab communities) is a Horizon 2020 project funded under the Research Infrastructures programme (INFRAIA-02-2020 - Integrating Activities for Starting Communities).

Bringing together 9 partners offering access to 17 unique research facilities, Co-UDlabs offers training and free access to a wide range of high-level scientific instruments, smart monitoring technologies and digital water analysis tools for advancing knowledge and innovation in Urban drainage systems.

The main objective of Co-UDlabs is to provide a transnational multidisciplinary collaborative research infrastructure that will allow stakeholders, academic researchers and innovators in the urban drainage water sector to come together, share ideas, co-produce project concepts and then benefit from access to top-class research infrastructures to develop, improve and demonstrate those concepts, thereby building a collaborative European Urban Drainage innovation community.

In relation with the main objective, Co-UDlabs addresses the following specific objectives:

  • Foster a culture of co-operation between RIs and the urban drainage community through a set of coordinated Networking Activities which help to develop a more inclusive, open and efficient research and innovation environment.
  • Facilitate free of charge Transnational Access to 17 leading European facilities by two open calls. The calls and the project both focus on support to scientific communities and water utility and supply chain innovators in their access to highly relevant research facilities.
  • Enlarge and strengthen the quality and quantity of the services offered at European level through a combination of interconnected Joint Research Activities.