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SUPPORTER D2.1 Inclusive gender+ equality policy and practice in sport higher education institutions


The deliverable reviews the relevant state-of-the-art, including the theoretical background on gender+ equality and gender-based violence, and maps gender equality plans (GEPs) and their implementation in sports education/institutions in the specific environments of the Implementing Organisations (IOs). It outlines the theoretical foundation of SUPPORTER and sets the baseline of gender equality policy and gender-based violence policy in the context of the IOs. Based on these [nz1]  and in light of the already identified model institution, the deliverable provides recommendations to formulate the model institution in the context of the IOs.

The deliverable consists of five interrelated parts. The introduction (chapter one) describes the conceptual background to SUPPORTER by outlining key concepts and how they relate to each other, and describes the method and material used for the state-of the art literature review as well as the national and institutional policy implementation mapping. The literature review (chapter two) identifies the state-of-the art scholarship on gender+ equality, gender-based violence and sports education institutions, and identifies key problems. The third part (chapter three) suggests solutions to the identified problems. The fourth part (chapter four) presents the results of the mapping of policy adopted and implemented by the IOs to address gender equality and gender-based violence in the respective institutions and within their national frameworks. The fifth part (chapter five), offers recommendations, summarises the baseline of best practices based on the theoretical framework, the literature review, and the mapping of policy implementation by formulating the concept of the "model institution" in the context of the IOs. 


This project is funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement No 101094529. Disclaimer: The current version of the deliverable has not been reviewed by the EC yet.


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