Published July 31, 2023 | Version V1.0 2023-07-31
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Extended FNS Services integrated with the FNS-Cloud

  • 1. ScaleFocus
  • 2. Institut Jozef Stefan


Long-term sustainability of the Food Nutrition Security (FNS) Cloud project is based on the implementation of different services for standardisation and interoperability of data on food, nutrition, and security, that have the capacity to link with new resources and enable crosstalk amongst them. The implementation and integration of those services, driven by FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable), was followed by usability testing of WP4 Use Cases and WP5 Demonstrators, performed amongst user communities from within the consortium. As a result, from this testing, additional needs were identified, considered and implemented in the form of two additional web applications to support users of the FNS-Cloud. In this deliverable, we first introduce the FNS-Harmony ontology, which was developed to support and interconnect data between different services implemented throughout the project. Next, we introduce a reliable back-end infrastructure which allows implementation and integration of loosely coupled services based on the microservices architecture. External access to the back-end infrastructure was abstracted to the usage of an application programming interface (API), i.e., Metadata API. FNS services for curation and annotation of research data were developed and integrated in the back-end infrastructure as microservices. All tools implemented within the FNSCloud, including those identified throughout the exploration of WP4 and WP5 were developed as standalone web applications and could be found in the FNS-Cloud Catalogues.


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