Published June 30, 2021 | Version 1
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Portfolio of communications resources

  • 1. EuroFIR AISBL


Since D6.1 was submitted (M6), FNS-Cloud branding has been extended to include the Community of Practice (myFNSCloud) and the FNS Cloud websites, items (e.g., news) and pages (e.g., External Expert Advisory Board) have been added to the project website, and content generated for myFNSCloud. The scientific PowerPoint describing FNS-Cloud activities has been updated/ revised and a one-pager summary published in place of an infogram and fact sheet as well as certificates for event participation. Cooperation with Blue-Cloud has also expanded with the exchange of fish and seafood data and more information about this activity has been published online. Priorities for Period 2 included substantial revision of the website, based on Period 1 activities and outputs, linking the project website to myFNSCloud (2021) and FNS Cloud (2022), capture and publication of event materials on the project website, and increased FNS-Cloud-specific social media content as well as continued collaboration with Blue-Cloud and, potentially, the European Open Science Cloud. 


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