Published September 30, 2021 | Version 1
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Report on data quality and usability assessment strategies to support assessment and compatibility of intake and consumer behaviour datasets for FNS-Cloud

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In the era of increasing data reuse, it is imperative for the maintenance of scientific quality that all data selected for secondary analysis be fit for the intended purpose. Whilst it is true that many datasets can be reused the question remains over whether they should be. Within FNS-Cloud there is a need for a framework to support the researcher in making that decision. This deliverable primarily captures data from the food intake and lifestyle domain of the FNS-Cloud data map (presented in deliverable 2.1). Therefore, the aim of this deliverable is to to describe the development of a quality assessment framework for FNS-Cloud. To achieve this aim markers of quality were identified for dietary intake, lifestyle, demographic, anthropometric and consumer behaviour data where quality was considered at a data collection, data management and data analysis level. These markers then informed the development of flow charts for each data domain. The flow charts comprise a series of questions relating to an aspect of quality specific to each data domain. Individualised messages specific to the answers given to each question were developed to provide the researcher with considerations to support them in their decision of whether the data they have selected is appropriate for their research question. As part of the next phase of implementing the quality assessment into FNS-Cloud, the flow charts will undergo a 2-step evaluation process: 1) internal by partners of FNS-Cloud with domain specific knowledge, 2) external by specific members of the EEAB. It is hoped that the framework will be deployed within FNS Cloud and used by all data users as one of the first steps in identifying datasets suitable for use in their specific analyses. 


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