Published July 26, 2022 | Version 2.0
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Toolbox for gender-neutral, diversity-oriented institutional communication



This Toolbox for gender-neutral, diversity-oriented institutional communication (D. 5.4) is submitted by RUB as part of Work Package 5 – Ensure a sustainable and cultural change by establishing a gender and diversity-friendly environment of the RESET project. This toolbox is the output of Task 5.4 – Promoting a unique standard of gender neutral, non-discriminatory, positive forms of communication.

The Toolbox is a work-in-progress and closely interwoven with the ongoing work of RESET project. Therefore, the update (2023) contains new elements and tools, based on the further developments of practices and measures that foster inclusive communication at RESET universities. The toolbox has been enriched with new tools, based on the developments at RESET universities. It entails more tools that emphasize the diversity aspect to a greater extent and that have been co-designed with our communities at RESET universities, to create safe and diversity friendly environments.



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