Published May 22, 2023 | Version v1
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GDI Deliverable D6.1: Draft data management policy published including ELSI best practice


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Defining the data management policy is an important step to ensure genomic data in GDI is protected from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure, and that it complies to local legal and regulatory requirements. This is the draft version of the data management policy and it will evolve as the discussions around data governance, ELSI requirements and data management plans are taken into account in WP6 and in GDI as a whole. This report describes the main elements of the data management plan that need to be taken into account and as such this should be used as a guide for each node in GDI. Over time, we will describe good common practices for each of these elements, and individual nodes will be able to add any deviations from these common practices to represent the way data management is actually performed. We plan to collect information using an instance of the Data Stewardship Wizard that will be deployed with a GDI-specific knowledge model that will be continuously updated to encode the common practices, provide integrations to more in depth information, and will have filled questionnaires for each node to document their choices.


GDI project receives funding from the European Union's Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement number 101081813.


202304 - GDI_D6.1 Draft data management policy published including ELSI best practice.pdf