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WP6 Deliverable 6.1 Literature Review - Legitimate crisis governance and economic sustainability

  • 1. Freie Universität Innsbruck
  • 2. National Distance Education University
  • 3. Eurac Research


The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic was not only a public health crisis of unprecedented proportions in recent times, it also triggered an economic and social crisis whose consequences will be felt in our societies and economies for years. The decision-making and implementation of the social, economic and fiscal measures in response to the pandemic challenged the economic and fiscal sustainability of states. and simultaneously has raised valid questions about the legitimacy of Covid-19-crisis management. Such concerns are particularly relevant for multilevel systems where (at least) two levels of government are responsible for these areas and decision-making is characterised by either divided or shared powers. This paper reviews existing studies, indexes and databases dealing with the design and effects of the social, fiscal and economic measures in multilevel systems. It addresses general issues around crisis management in multilevel systems general in terms as well as in relation to the social, economic and fiscal measures introduced during the pandemic. The paper also focuses on the role of domestic and transnational governance arrangements in dealing with Covid-19. The review provides an important source to examine policy responses in the context of our study of the legitimacy of social, economic and fiscal measures in multilevel systems.


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