Published September 30, 2022 | Version 1.0
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D3.1 Tools and techniques for the management of trustworthy evidence-v1

  • 1. Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation


This deliverable will encompass techniques how to integrate different tools to gather and manage trustworthy evidence on various levels as well as how to ensure the trustworthiness of evidence across the life-cycle, i.e. using blockchain/DLT. There will be three iterations of the deliverable, an initial prototype, reflecting an early stage of integration in the technical framework (D3.1.x), the second release will be based on a refinement of the technical architecture, finally the third iteration will reflect the implementation of the use cases. This deliverable is the result of Task 3.1 and Task 3.5.



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MEDINA – Security framework to achieve a continuous audit-based certificationn in compliance with the EU-wide cloud security certification scheme 952633
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