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FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force 2022: Session 3, Trustworthy and FAIR-enabling repositories

  • 1. DANS
  • 2. DCC


According to the Turning FAIR into Reality report, research data should be made available by means of Trusted Digital Repositories to support a specific discipline or interdisciplinary research community. Provide continuous guidance and assistance to repositories to engage with certification processes, most of all small repositories, is therefore strategic.

The session was chaired by Maaike Verburgm, DANS, and Ryan O'Connor, DCC and reverted around the following key discussion points:

  1. What is your project or initiative doing to increase the number of trustworthy, FAIR-enabling and/or certified repositories? 
  2. What guidance and assistance is needed to enable repositories to engage with certification processes or to become more FAIR-enabling? 
  3. What challenges do Trustworthy Digital Repositories face in maintaining certification and becoming more FAIR-enabling?

More than 60 participants joined the session from a wide range of stakeholders, with discussions focusing mainly around issues such as Certification , which is not always the end goal, but a process itself valuable; the role for certified repositories to help guide those seeking certification and to share experiences; existing certification processes; and the impoertance of transparency to enable informed decision making about choice of repository. 




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