Published November 25, 2022 | Version v1
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IoT Network Intrusion Detection with Ensemble Learners

  • 1. University of Surrey
  • 2. Technical University Chemnitz


Protecting information systems against intruders’ attacks requires utilising intrusion detection systems. Over the past several years, many open-source intrusion datasets have been made available so that academics and researchers can analyse and assess various detection classifiers’ effectiveness. These datasets are made available with a full complement of illustrative network features. In this research, we investigate the issue of Network Intrusion Detection (NID) by utilising an Internet of Things (IoT) dataset called Bot-IoT to evaluate the detection efficiency and effectiveness of five different Ensemble Learning Classifiers (ELCs). Our experiment’s results showed that despite all ELCs recording high classification metric scores, CatBoost emerged as the ELC that performed the best in our experiment in terms of Accuracy, Precision, F1-Score, Training and Test Time.



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