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Supporting code and data: "Beyond production and consumption: using throughflows to untangle the virtual trade of externalities"

  • 1. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • 2. Technical University of Denmark
  • 3. Leiden University


Beaufils, T.; Berthet, E.; Ward, H.; & Wenz, L. (2023). Beyond production and consumption: Using throughflows to untangle the virtual trade of externalities. Economic Systems Research.

Supporting code and data

This repository contains the following folders:

    - code : contains all Python and iPython scripts used to generate intermediate data and figures
    - data : contains raw and processed data used for this project.
    - figures : contains high-definition figures shown in the manuscript
    - manuscript : preprint of the manuscript and its supplementary information

All results and figures can be reproduced by:

    1. Downloading raw EORA data and placing them in the data/EORA/raw folder.
    2. Running the scripts in the code folder in the order specified.


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