Published May 13, 2022 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Aerodynamic modelling of a novel vertical axis wind turbine concept

  • 1. University of Strathclyde


This paper introduces the X-Rotor, a hybrid vertical-horizontal axis turbine concept designed to lower the cost of energy in the floating offshore environment. The development of a double multiple streamtube (DMS) simulation tool is presented alongside a thorough discussion of the secondary correction factors included in the model. New corrections for streamline curvature effects applicable to an airfoil where the blade normal plane is not aligned with the rotor plane are derived.

The DMS model is successfully validated against experimental data and against higher fidelity lifting line (LLT) simulations. Strong agreement is observed between the LLT simulations and the DMS simulations for both rotor averaged and azimuthally varying outputs, indicating that the DMS simulations can be used for future control simulations.



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XROTOR – X-ROTOR: X-shaped Radical Offshore wind Turbine for Overall cost of energy Reduction 101007135
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