Published August 1, 2022 | Version V1.0
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BY-COVID- D2.1 - Initial data and metadata harmonisation at domain level to enable fast responses to COVID-19

  • 1. BBMRI UK
  • 2. ELIXIR-NL / VUmc
  • 3. ELIXIR-NL / Lygature
  • 4. ELIXIR-ES / BSC
  • 5. EU-Openscreen / Fraunhofer ITMP
  • 6. DANS
  • 7. IACS
  • 8. EuroBioImaging


Deliverable 2.1, part of BY-COVID WP2, will develop the infrastructure required to
facilitate access to a broad portfolio of data sources relevant to COVID-19 in preparation
for future outbreak responses. Importantly, WP2 will collate, connect, and harmonise
data sources within domains and disciplines in preparation for deeper cross-domain
harmonisation efforts in WP3 and in connection with pathogen genome data (WP1). WP2
will further collate data governance models, metadata descriptions and access
mechanisms ensuring full alignment with WP3 on the acquisition, curation and use of
metadata from data sources. Interaction with WP4 will enable the development of tools
for processing and harmonising metadata across data sources within the same domain. It
also explores the initial infrastructure set-up activities undertaken to provide the
capability for the rapid onboarding of resources in the future.


BY-COVID_ D_2.1 _Initial_data_and_metadata_harmonisation_at_domain_level_to_enable_fast_responses_to_COVID-19 (1).pdf

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