Published August 2, 2022 | Version v1
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Coating facility built and tested at STFC, USI and INFN


This Report is related to achieving I.FAST Milestone 39 (Coating facility built and tested at STFC and INFN). There is a significant change from depositing superconducting films on flat surface with a planar magnetron that have been used in past within ARIES collaboration to applying all earlier obtained knowledge to coating 6-GHz cavities.

Two deposition facilities for coating 6-GHz cavities have been built and tested at STFC. First facility is using an outer coil for providing magnetic field for the magnetron and used for depositing the seamless 6-GHz cavities delivered from INFN. Another deposition facility is using an internal permanent magnet cylindrical magnetron and used for coating co-called split cavities developed in a collaboration between the University of Lancaster and UKRI/STFC. The results of first cavity coating on both facilities are described in this report.

A deposition facility for coating 6-GHz cavities has been built and tested at INFN/LNL in a post magnetron configuration with external coil. A second deposition system has been built and tested for the coating of QPR cavities and planar samples with 4” planar magnetron source.

Thus, the I.FAST Milestone 39 (Coating facility built and tested at STFC and INFN) has been met.



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