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Existing food including agriculture, nutrition and security (FNS) data including knowledge and tools for health and agri-food sciences are fragmented, lack critical mass, and access by user communities is ‘unevenly’ distributed, meaning data are not readily re-used and existing services focus on clinical, molecular or biological sciences not FNS resources. Thus, the purpose of FNS-Cloud is to launch a first-generation food cloud, federating existing and emerging datasets, with intent to make FNS resources FAIRer, and develop new services to support users in their exploitation to benefit stakeholders.

Priorities for 2020 are, therefore, the project logo and branding (Sections 3.1 & 3.2), Office templates for the Consortium (Section 3.2), content for the FNS-Cloud project (Section 3.3), Community of Practice and FNS Cloud websites (both pending), Social Media content (Section 3.4), dissemination templates (Section 3.4), infogram, fact sheet, poster and banner (pending) and news items (Section 3.5). Examples ofthese are presented in the Deliverable as well as the location for download, where appropriate.


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