Published July 7, 2022 | Version FINAL
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Final recommendations for FAIR Photon and Neutron Data Management


The present deliverable pursues the work initiated in ExPaNDS deliverable 2.2, which established a common metadata framework for FAIR data generated in Photon and Neutron (PaN) facilities. The modalities of implementation of this framework across facilities are examined and current practices and tools for metadata capture, storage and exposure are highlighted. This work is also the occasion to examine the commonalities of the framework with other initiatives developed inside and outside ExPaNDS such as the common search API, the data catalogues (ExPaNDS WP3), the EOSC discovery platforms B2FIND and OpenAire as well as the NeXus data format. It also provides the reader with guidelines on current tools and schemata available to record provenance and digital preservation information. The essence of these discussions is summarised as a list of practical recommendations at the end.



This deliverable is not yet approved by the European Commission.


ExPaNDS D2.7 Final recommendations for FAIR Photon and Neutron Data Management 07-07-2022.pdf

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