Published March 10, 2022 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Underlying dataset to the Report on the Open Consultation of the NPOS2030 Ambition Document

  • 1. NPOS


This is the underlying dataset to the Report on the Open Consultation on the NPOS2030 Ambition Document.

This dataset contains the original responses to the online Open Consultation that was open between November 22nd and December 22nd 2021, aiming to give all Netherlands stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the NPOS2030 Ambition Document of the Netherlands National Programme Open Science (NPOS).

Out of a total of 78 respondents, 54 institutions, networks, initiatives and persons gave their consent to publish their response including their name. They are listed below. 11 Responses are included on a basis of anonymity: this was sometimes caused by having to ask too many people in a network to give their consent. 13 participants decided to not disclose their responses.

NB: Some respondents did say that their responses to the questions about the level of support for each of the four sections of the Ambition Document paint a too negative picture: due to the nature of scoring on a scale of 1-5, they did not see a better way than to give a low score to bring across that they always see ways to improve.

The institutions, networks, initiatives and persons gave their consent to publish their response:

  1. 4TU.ResearchData
  2. Adviescollege Open Science van de hogescholen
  3. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  4. Avans Hogeschool
  5. brief consultation of five senior researchers
  6. Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University
  7. Dutch Research Council NWO
  8. Eindhoven University of Technology
  9. Erasmus University Rotterdam 
  10. Hogeschool Leiden
  11. KB, National Library of the Netherlands
  12. Maastricht University Recognition & Rewards Programme Team
  13. Media voor Vak en Wetenschap (MVW)
  14. Medical libraries of the STZ Samenwerkende Topklinische ziekenhuizen
  15. Netherlands eScience Center
  16. Network of Dutch Open Science Communities:  the OSC-NL Board and 60 individual researchers who signed this response
  17. NL-RSE (Netherlands Research Software Engineers network)
  18. NRO (Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek)
  19. NWO Institute Organisation
  20. ODISSEI (social sciences)
  21. Open Science programme of the University of Groningen
  22. Open Science Public Engagement Fellow Network, Utrecht University
  23. Pedagogische en Onderwijswetenschappen, Faculteit der Maatschappij en Gedragswetenschappen, UvA
  24. Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN)
  26. Radboud University
  27. Radboudumc Nijmegen
  28. Rathenau Instituut
  29. Regieorgaan SIA
  30. Samenwerkingsverband Universiteitsbibliotheken en Koninklijke Bibliotheek (UKB)
  31. SciComNL (Science Communication Association Netherlands)
  32. Springer Nature
  33. Stuurgroep DCC-PO
  34. SURF
  35. The Dutch Parkinson's Association
  36. The Open Science Community Amsterdam (OSCA). OSCA consists of members from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and the Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS).
  37. Three open science specialists at Utrecht University Library: Bianca Kramer, Jeroen Sondervan and Jeroen Bosman
  38. Tilburg University Open Science Focus Group
  39. TU Delft
  40. Universiteit Leiden
  41. University of Amsterdam
  42. University of Twente
  43. Utrecht University Freudenthal Institute Science Communication and Public Engagement group
  44. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  45. Zone "Towards digital (open) educational resources" from the Dutch Acceleration Plan
  46. Prof.dr. Karin Pfeffer
  47. Drs Marina Noordegraaf
  48. Mr. Niels van Tol
  49. Dr. Egon Willighagen
  50. Drs (Msc) Gaby Lutgens
  51. Jeroen Jansen
  52. Dr. Miaomiao Zhou
  53. Prof.dr. René Bekkers
  54. Rolf Hut