Published February 23, 2022 | Version 1.0
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Dataset for "Difference of photometric properties between regular and non-regular Miras in the Magellanic Clouds"

  • 1. Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, 300 Jhongda Road, 32001 Jhongli, Taiwan


  • 1. AAS Journals


Summary: This deposit supplements the manuscript, "Difference of photometric properties between regular and non-regular Miras in the Magellanic Clouds", accepted to the Astronomical Journal (17 February 2022).

Description of contents: This repository contains the numerical values for all of the features for the data (including the training set) and classification results. The specific files included in this deposit are as follows:
    ReadMe.txt                                             This Readme file.
    Feature_table_with_training_data.txt     Feature Table with training data
    Feature_table_with_classify_data.txt     Feature table with classify data
    Classify_result_table.txt                         Mira Regular/Non-regular 
                                                                   machine-learning classification

System requirements: The files are formatted according to the machine readable format used by the AAS Journals and CDS/VizieR. Specific information on the structure of MRT files can be found at:


    These files can be read in python using the astropy package:

from astropy.table import Table
data ="Classify_result_table.txt", format="ascii.cds")

    or with the most recent version of TOPCAT (> Version 4.8)

Additional comments: The features of training data and classify data were calculated by Python package Feature Analysis for Time Series (FATS), and the result was presented in the file names "Feature_table_with_training_data.txt" and "Feature_table_with_classify_data.txt".  Then these two data set were used in our machine learning process. The classification result of Mira was presented in the file "Classify_result_table.txt".


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