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Enhancing lives through enabling participation: Children as active agents in their communities

  • 1. University College Cork and Luleå University of Technology
  • 2. University College Cork
  • 3. Lulea University of Technology


The Conventions of the Rights of the Child aims to facilitate children’s provision, protection, and participation to enhance their lives. Facilitating children’s participation involves providing adequate information and giving children opportunities to share their views in decision-making processes. In Ireland, children’s participation is supported by the national participation strategy 2015-2020 which has recently been followed-up by the Participation Implementation Framework. This includes the expectation that all children, including those with disabilities should participate in (re)design processes of public playspaces in their communities.

This poster presents on phase one of a PhD study that aims to explore how children’s participation is incorporated in guidelines for (re)designing public playspace. A scoping review methodology is being used to identify guidelines on (re)designing public playspaces. Data analysis involves a mapping and extracting process between frameworks of children’s participation and guidelines, tools and policies on (re)design public playspaces.

Occupational therapists working in and with the local community are considered as important stakeholders in enabling children with disabilities to share their views in matters that affect, for example in creating play opportunities in the neighbourhood and contributing to social inclusion. 




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