Published September 30, 2021 | Version v1
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RESISTIRE D3.1 Summary report on mapping of quantitative indicators - cycle 1

  • 1. European Science Foundation
  • 2. Oxford Brookes University


This report provides an overview of the first cycle mapping of quantitative, comparative information on indicators that allow us to measure and monitor the economic, social and environmental impacts of COVID-19. Two types of mapping have been conducted, which provide us with a) European and b) national insights on the impact of COVID-19. The first mapping (European insights) looks at official secondary data sources at international and EU level, while the second mapping (national insights) concerns Rapid Assessment Surveys (RAS), which are studies conducted on the initiative of lobby groups, scientists or official agencies that provide fast, research-based assessments. The aim of the report is to provide analytical insights before the outbreak to identify baseline levels and compare this with data collected during the pandemic. It also sets the baseline for cycles two and three of the project, which will delve deeper into the issues highlighted in this first review and investigate the evolution of inequalities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 


D3.1 RESISTIRE_Summary report on mappnig quantitiative indicators - cycle 1.pdf

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