Published September 13, 2021 | Version v1
Presentation Open

Two case-based reasoning strategies of automatically selecting terrain covariates for geographical variable mapping


My presentation for Geomorphometry'2021, with a little bit changed title from the original one in the corresponding extended abstract (Qin C-Z, Liang P, Zhu A-X. A case-based classification strategy of automatically selecting terrain covariates for modeling geographic variable-environment relationship. In: M Alvioli, I Marchesini, L Melelli, P Guth, eds., Proceedings of the Geomorphometry 2020 Conference, p. 33-36. doi:10.30437/GEOMORPHOMETRY2020_9. (extended abstract).



Geomorphometry2021-case-based strategy-select terrain covariates-qin-2021-9-13.pdf