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D5.1-IoT platform supporting smart washing machines

  • 1. GORENJE
  • 3. SIMAVI


This deliverable is a result of the development work performed until now within WP5- ICT Platform for Multiple Life Cycles, under T5.1 “Implementing an IoT platform for white goods for monitoring asset usage and condition”. 

The results obtained so far in developing the new platform are:

  • An overall ICT platform architecture that specifies the sub systems and their responsibility,
  • A minimum viable product version of the following sub systems: ReCiPSS web store, ReCiPSS backend server, JUConnect platform and Appliance,
  • An implementation of the following business use cases: User Decision, Contract processing, Contract execution, Usage and Billing.

Functionalities still to be done until milestone MS6: ICT platforms ready in month 24 (May 2020) are:

  • An implementation of the following business use cases: Feedback, Maintenance and Repair, Contract termination and Cleaning/Repair

The work performed in WP5, T5.1, will serve as base for WP6: Whitegoods demonstrator, for the deployment of the platform and for further improvements.

This document describes the business solution for the Whitegoods demonstrator for the ReCiPSS project. It determines the scope of the ICT solution, the stakeholders with their concerns and needs, the business use cases and the solution architecture. The solution architecture described divides the IT solution in smaller pieces, sub systems.


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