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ProDSPL: Proactive Self-Adaptation based on Dynamic Software Product Lines

  • 1. Universidad de Málaga
  • 2. Mälardalens högskola


Dynamic Software Product Lines (DSPLs) are a well-accepted approach for self-adaptation at runtime. In the context of DSPLs, there are plenty of reactive approaches that apply countermeasures as soon as a context change happens, but they often imply making many reconfigurations, which makes the system more unstable. In this paper we propose a proactive approach, ProDSPL, that exploits an automatically learnt model of the system, which anticipates future variations of the system, and generates the best DSPL configuration that can soften the negative impact of future events on the quality requirements of the system. ProDSPL formulates the problem of the generation of dynamic reconfigurationas as a proactive controller over a prediction horizon, which includes a mapping of the valid configurations of the DSPL into linear constraints. Our approach is evaluated and compared against a reactive approach, DAGAME, based also on a DSPL, which uses a genetic algorithm to generate quasi-optimal feature model configurations at runtime. The evaluation with a mobile game and randomly generated feature models shows that ProDSPL gives good results with regard to the quality of the configurations generated that tries to anticipate future events and it always enforces the system to make the least possible reconfigurations.


This work is supported by the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement DAEMON 101017109, by the project TASOVA MCIU-AEI TIN2017-90644-REDT funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Spain, by the projects LEIA UMA18-FEDERJA-15 and Rhea P18-FR-1081 (MCI/AEI/FEDER, UE) funded by Junta de Andalucía (co-financed by FEDER funds), Spain, by the project MEDEA RTI2018-099213-B-I00 funded by Ministerio de Ciencia y Competitividad (co-financed by FEDER funds), Spain, by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research under the project "Future factories in the cloud (FiC)", with grant number GMT14-0032, by the Swedish Research Council (VR) for the project "PSI: Pervasive Self-Optimizing Computing Infrastructures", by the Knowledge Foundation (KKS) with the SACSys project, and by the post-doctoral plan of the Universidad de Málaga .



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DAEMON – Network intelligence for aDAptive and sElf-Learning MObile Networks 101017109
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