Published February 25, 2021 | Version v1
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Properties of Open Clusters With Gaia DR2

  • 1. Universidade Federal de Itajubá




Reliable fundamental parameters of open clusters such as distance, age and extinction are key to our understanding of Galactic structure and stellar evolution. In this work we present recent results for open clusters investigated using Gaia DR2 data. Cluster memberships were determined using a maximum likelihood method applied to {\it Gaia} DR2 astrometry as well as from other authors and methods from the literature. This has allowed us to estimate mean proper motions and mean parallaxes for thousands of investigated clusters. Mean radial velocities were also determined for 47% of the clusters, many of which had no previous published values.  We have improved our isochrone fitting code to account for interstellar extinction using an updated extinction polynomial for the Gaia DR2 photometric band-passes. A Galactic abundance gradient has also been introduced as a prior for metallicity along with an AV prior based on the 3D structure of the Local Galaxy. The updated procedure was validated with a sample of clusters with high quality [Fe/H] determinations. A critical review of the literature shows that our cluster parameter determinations represent a substantial improvement in fundamental parameter estimates. In this work we present general statistics of the sample such as the distribution of properties relative to height from the Galactic plane.



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