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Anticovidian v.2 COVID-19: Hypothesis of the Lab Origin Versus a Zoonotic Event which can also be of a Lab Origin

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To treat the cause of a disease and not only its effects is of the utmost importance; hence, we need to know the origin of this pandemic of COVID-19, in order to be able, if possible, to prevent an event of such a nature and magnitude in the future, and to be able to avoid every sort of abuses to humanity, as it is happening right now. Bullet points here addressed are: 1) To have, inside the backbone of a virus from a bat (mostly ~97.55% of the viral RNA (by deducting the HIV inserts found by Perez, Montagnier and others), & as per the findings of Petrovsky, see below, and also to contrast the differences), the insertion similar to that of a pangolin virus for the Receptor Binding Domain (RBD, which basically consists of six separated key amino acids, or the 0.06% of its genome for these particular 18 nucleotides), being their receptor the ACE2 of the human lung, appearing at a time (as earlier as since September of 2019), were there were already mature all of the molecular methodologies necessary to modify individual nucleotides (Crispr-Cas9, “Seamless”, etc.) that then modify at will the resulting amino acids, with the possibility to give an extra passage to the virus through ferrets (or other lab animals) that have an ACE2 very similar to the humans, to give it then a more “natural” appearance (by random trivial changes); because, had it been natural, this could had required an animal host infected with these two viruses simultaneously, and that with an unexplainable marksmanship, to specifically modify the key six codons (and a second independent of such impossible recombinants, to give raise to the differences exclusively present at the end of the long Orf1ab, into the Nsf15 and Nsf16); 2) To have an even more important and unique peculiar site, PRRAR (encompassing the needed 12 bases to complete that sequence, being this the 0.04% of the full genome), for protease cleavage (new to Plasmin and Furin, plus Trypsin, TMRPSS2, etc.) inside the protein called Spike (S), to obtain the fragments S1 and S2 in order to allow the viral RNA to penetrate into the cell (expanding the range, not only to lung cells as the previous modification, but also to white and to neural cells), whose nucleotides producing it are highly strange to the rest of the viral sequence, because they contain more than an 83% of richness in its nucleotides GC, being these 12 nucleotides alien to the rest of the virus: CCUCGGCGGGCA (similar to bacterial and to methodological sequences patented by Moderna, Inc., cleavable by restriction enzymes BsaJI, AciI, Cac8I, MnlI…), that are engrained to the three remaining bases: CGU present in the frame of the bat virus to complete the necessary sequence. This will require, either a third virus completely unknown until now, either in the same utopian animal described before, or through a second passage of the first chimera into another animal, and then that such viral beast, could also be able to target exclusively this region, and no other site whatsoever; then, it is explored, 3) The biggest shot in variation, when it is compared to the first sequence obtained of the virus of COVID-19, with its immediate ancestor, that according to Shi Zheng-Li is the RaTG13 (submitted a posteriori of the COVID-19 first sequence, and which researchers demonstrate that this is a partially made-up sequence (see below), having her deliberately ignored even to cite her previous identical reference called BtCoV/4991 (2016), or even her most recent reference of the same that she put under the name of SARSr-CoV Ra4991 (2019), being very dishonest for her to change in at least three identified times the names of her same sequence, actions that render her highly suspicious, because she hid the rest of the sequence at least during the last four year (having been obtained from excrement in a cave, she says, after a call due to a serious case of miners infected at Yunnan, and nobody knows still what was inside those at least six miners), but her publishing it until now, after the emergence of a similar virus, makes her highly suspicious, rather than making her look innocent; and, who can say that she did not manipulate as well artificially such sequence, or that the CCP Chinese military did not do the same to the other two previous sequences that are also somehow similar to Sars-CoV-2?, and how many more hundreds of sequences will they be hiding?, because nobody independently has been able to verify the accuracy of their claims, being everything based only in what they say), given that the nucleotides of six proteins exhibit a 99% of similitude between both sequences, while twelve of them go down to a 96% or even are below of this number, being the most extreme changes, the ones that are inside the sequence for the protein Spike, which while exhibiting a global similitude of 93%, is the one having the highest discrepancy between the two sequences, and within this same one there are extreme shorter variations, with a low similitude of 44% on that specific of the RBD mentioned before, which goes down to some 17% for the region of those 18 key bases, and of only the 20% percent for that sequence of 12 bases for the resulting protease cleavage site; other changes include the optimal nucleotides of an even shorter region of 16 segments similar to immunodeficiency genes (plus two more distant ones), and even a couple of concatenated Plasmodium yoelii found by Perez and Montagnier at the S2 place, all that could be better explained with artificial processes already in place to do this and more within the frame of the awful Gain-of-Function sinister and dual-purpose (or double-talk) research. So, basically is their word against the world, and that is why since at least 2010 I have been proposing an independent verification by at least three other labs of results reported, specially by CCP Chinese researchers, as they did cost me already my first job in the US by their lying during at least ten years about a methodological artifact that I called “Palindromati”, and that they kept on reporting as “natural”, while receiving grants to explore a chimera, and how more is it costing their apparent lying about the artificial origin of COVID-19 at this time?) So, all of these points and so much more, because Jesse Morrell, for example, is reaching a set of almost 40 (and counting) evidences of a lab origin versus cero otherwise, things and persons that are leading us to conclude that it is evident to see that there was human intervention in the emergence of this Sars-CoV-2 virus, because in 2015-2018 there was not in existence any zoonotic history of any class in Wuhan, so, having been originated this virus already mature and fully capable to attack the human population, implies an artificial “injecting” source.

“…have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of DARKNESS, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by THEM in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the LIGHT...” An inspired Paul in Eph. 5:11-13.

Dedicated to Francis S. Collins, so as for the many to be able to see…



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