Published September 5, 2009 | Version v2
Conference paper Open

Determination method of thermal conductivity of building parts in situ through ir imaging by minimizing the influence of environmental parameters,

  • 1. National Technical University of Athens


Infrared imaging is a non destructive method, which determines the thermal behaviour of  building materials in situ. Through infrared imaging, thermal bridges, moisture absorbed  by buildings’ materials as well as other parameters related to a building’s thermal and  energy behaviour can be determined.  

A building’s heat losses can be distinguished into conduction losses through its envelope  and losses due to ventilation and infiltration. Losses through a building’s envelope are  related to the thermal resistance of its different parts and components used. In order that  the thermal resistance (R) of the building’s parts is determined, the parameter 1/αα,  (thermal resistance of the exterior surface), which depends on meteorological conditions,  should be determined. This work presents a method for the calibration necessary to  calculate the thermal resistance (R) of different parts of the building’s envelope.  Through the application of this method the thermal behaviour of unknown materials in  buildings can be determined in situ.